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NSW rail industry safety reports

Using incident data submitted by rail transport operators, ITSR published a report summarising the safety performance of the NSW rail network over the previous 12-month period and tracking trends over time.

ITSR ceased publication of these reports when the Office of the National Rail Safety Regulator (ONRSR) commenced publishing safety performance information from its records in 2013. ONRSR Annual Safety Reports can be accessed on the ONRSR website.

Past rail industry safety reports

(Note: In 2006-07, the Rail Industry Safety Report and the Transport Reliability Report were published as a single publication)

Rail industry safety report 2011-12
Rail industry safety report 2010-11
Rail industry safety report 2009-10
Rail industry safety report 2008-09
Rail industry safety report 2007-08
Annual industry safety and reliability report 2006-07